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The ongoing creativity derived from life brings wonderful feeling full of vitality


Elegance and City-Style, and strengthen design concept


The paragon doesn’t have to be rare, easy to get the best design is the essence.


The Modern City – New York

The Big Apple-Luxury and prosperous,  full of commercial scent and concurrently having an infinite creativity; This gold panning city shows the desire and the adoration for success

The Joyful City – Sydney

Unrestrained natural ecosystem, iconic art building, the sunshine illuminates the shining bay. The fascination of this diverse city is, to enjoy the experience of both static and dynamic activities

The Magnificent Country – Russia

Strong national trait and spectacular architecture, brimming with enthusiasm, radiates the elegant of the multi-cultural and the historic river

The Romantic City – Paris

A flower capital, lush of flowers and plants. Fascinating smell is in the air, lingers in the mood of romance, sip of a coffee you can feel the tipsy